Say Good-Bye To Melt Downs!

Help Your Child Keep Their Cool with the Anger Thermometer!

Are your child's meltdowns leaving you both feeling defeated? Anger can be a BIG emotion for a little one to handle.

As a parent, you want to help, but the outbursts can be overwhelming and frustration quickly follows. You're not alone. Many children struggle with regulating emotions, but with the right tools and support, they can learn to manage their big feelings and improve relationships. T

he Anger Thermometer is a self-regulating solution that can help kids and parents understand and work through big emotions. This free, visual tool puts the power back in the hands of your child and teaches them how to rate and manage their anger.

With each use, they detect patterns and develop coping skills that work! The Anger Thermometer will help your child gain insight to triggers and so much more!

Learn to recognize when they're starting to feel overwhelmedDevelop coping strategiesImprove their relationships

Grab your FREE Anger Thermometer today and help your child take back control over their big emotions.

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